Labb Pro Reader

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• Pro Reader 8"
• Testing stand
• Online web dashboard
• Unlimited users & tests

US PAT  10,340,032

$20/mo license fee includes unlimited testing, users, locations, donors, and more. Other features are available.

Want to see how it works?

Schedule a demo and we will show you how the Labb Reader Pro is the most accurate drug test reader on the mareket.

Online Dashboard

Get 24/7 access to past results, inventory levels, users, donors, test locations, and much more. 

Included with Reader License

Rapid Login Badges

Optional login badges make it easy and efficient for multiple users. Just scan your badge and your reader adjusts to all of your tests, and settings.

An optional accessory

Professional Reports

No more reading test lines, your new Labb Reader will generate a professional result form each time you conduct a drug test.

Included with Reader License

Pocket Labb app

Turn your phone or tablet into a spare reader with the Pocket Labb app. Download on the Apple or Google Play stores todau

Included with Reader License


Trade-in your old drug test kits

Schedule a demo and find out how to trade your old drug test kits for brand new digital ready eTest kits at no charge. Details available during the demo.